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Empress Miniatures: Many New Releases, Zulu War and Moderns plus Deals

Empress Miniatures previews many new releases and special offers:

From their website:

Empress Miniatures are proud to spotlight a large number of new releases across both our 28mm Zulu War and Modern ranges.

We have been focusing on adding many new and vital packs to our Zulu War range including some glorious Lancer sets, the Imperial Mounted Infantry and a great selection of metal officer and character packs. These have been designed and sculpted with an eye to producing the maximum visual impact and drama to your armies. When combined with the Empress/Warlord plastic Zulu War sets they are a stunning centerpiece to your forces.

We have also been adding to our Modern Combat line with a number of packs including an exquisitely detailed US Army sniper team and Javelin rocket team combination set. These highly accurate miniatures come complete with all of the infantry personal equipment, all produced with the same intense level of detail.

Finally, inspired by three things coming together, we are very pleased to announce the start of our Mega Deal page!
Firstly the release of so much Zulu War plastic goodness, secondly the steady stream of enquiries from customers as to which are the best wargames rules to use for their Zulu War games and thirdly the arrival of the huge 'Horns of the Buffalo' set.Add to this the imminent holidays followed by the innevitable January comedown and we decided it was time to see what deals we could do to address all of these pressing issues!

Starting this weekend, we will have a Mega Deals section in our webshop where we will offer fantastic value combinations from across our ranges. As you might have gathered, we are starting with the Anglo Zulu War range.

We are offering massive savings on sets that combine both plastic boxes and a range of suitable rules. Everything from smaller-scale actions using Triumph & Tragedy and Death in the Dark Continent to huge battlles with Blackpowder. In many of the deals the rules are almost free (in fact, they are in one).
These are great ways to get started with this fascinating period and, perhaps, begin a new project for 2012?

The Zulu War offers so much for the gamer and is very far from being a campaign of just two battles. Cattle raids, many skirmishes and even a seige all play a role in the rich history of this campaign.