Empire of the Petal Throne range to find new home

Eureka Miniatures have announced that the Empire of the Petal Throne range will be returning to Howard Fielding.

From their website:

Enthusiasts of M.A.R. Barker’s fantasy setting, Tékumel and the Empire of the Petal Throne, will know Eureka Miniatures have been producing and supporting this range of 28mm miniatures for a while now. However after a certain amount of amicable soul searching with Howard Fielding, the range’s principal backer and owner, we have agreed to surrender production of the figures back to Howard. From the end of this year production of the Tékumel figures will re-locate to Canada, which will ensure that fans of the genre (who are mostly North America based) will be given the fullest attention in the future.

It has been good to work with Howard on this project, but it has become increasingly difficult to co-ordinate everything between the UK, Australia and Canada. We are sorry to see the figures go, but understand that it is for the long term benefit of the Tékumel miniatures range and we wish Howard all the best with the project and his future plans for it