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Empire in Flames Book for Bolt Action Now Available

I've recently been watching some WWII documentaries (WWII in HD and WWII From Space, to name them specifically). As someone with a history degree, I took plenty of classes that covered WWII in some capacity (though I'd never taken any classes specifically on WWII). I always knew the fighting in the Pacific was pretty furious, but I never really realized just how rough it really was in terms of casualties for all the sides involved (including civilians). It was quite a time. Well, now you can bring those incredible battles to your tabletop with Empire in Flames, a new sourcebook for Bolt Action from Warlord Games.


The book covers the Pacific and Far East Theaters of the conflict, going all the way back to Japan's invasion of China and ending with the Allies planning to invade the Japanese home islands. There's new scenarios, new rules, new units, and more inside. If you order directly from the Warlord Games webshop, you'll get the exclusive figure for Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone, a Medal of Honor winner (and looking very Rambo-like with that machine gun).