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Emperors of Eternal Evil taking pre-orders for their 2nd printing of Cave Evil

Emperors of Eternal Evil is taking pre-orders for their second printing of their card game Cave Evil.

From the announcement:

Emperors of Eternal Evil is taking pre-orders for the second printing of it's face melting Necromantic dungeon creeper Cave Evil! They have a new video to promote the occasion.

With upgraded components, this new version is an ode to classic games like Titan and doom inspired fantasy. Featuring original monsters from the deep pits, like Necromonks, Armored Gas, Old Mold Mouth, and the Stabbist. There are over 340 unique pieces of artwork by Mat Brinkman (there are no duplicate cards). As a potent Necromancer you summon, bribe, and tame an army of gribbly underlings to march into battle there is even a radio station of cave crawling tunes. This game will fill your sockets with necrotic atmosphere.