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EMP Games site now live

EMP Games has launched their own website. Go check out what they have to offer.

EMP Games


From them to you:

The EMP Games website is now live.
For those that don't know EMP games is the production/game development arm of Wargames Emporium. More content and figures to be added to the website soon soon.

We at EMP Games want to provide a whole host of eclectic miniatures to suit and fit a variety of games; from traditional historical through to sci-fi fantasy and anything in between.

Our current ranges are as followed:

Lost Horizon - Explorers, adventurers and what they discover.
Twisted Horizon - Demons and Horrors and the heroes that fight them.
Distant Horizon - Miniatures from the future, now.
The Underworld - Dungeon creatures and terrors from the crypt
Historical (TBC) - WWI, Western.
Command Horizon