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Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers & Exotica Kickstarter Running Now

Tasty Minstrel Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Eminent Domain: Battlecrusiers and Eminent Domain: Exotica. Battlecruisers is a new stand-alone game in the same universe as Eminent Domain, while Exotica is an actual expansion set. In the campaign, you can pledge for either set, or for both together (and get a bit of savings that way).

In Battlecruisers, you are in command of a ... well... battlecruiser. You and the other players are all trying to complete the same goal (determined at the start of the game), using the same pool of cards (each person gets their own, but they're identical). As such, it's up to your own cunning in order to come out on top.

As for Exotica, humanity has reached the edges of the universe in terms of expansion. That just leaves the "leftovers," places looked over initially for colonization, where new adventure lies. Exotica requires the original Eminent Domain game to play, but introduces Exotic Planets and Asteroids, Asteroid Mining, a new Recon ability, and more.

The campaign is already 200% funded with still 21 days left to go on the clock.