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Emergence Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Artificial Intelligence might be the greatest achievement in science... or it might just doom us all. In Emergence, the latter has happened. Whoops. Thankfully, the few surviving humans are still fighting back. But they must keep their identity secret as they move through the robot world, lest they be taken out. Meanwhile, the robots might have almost wiped us out, but the humans that are left have gotten rather sneaky. It'll be tough to tell robot from human. Can you trust your friend?

In Emergence, players are secretly assigned to either the Artificial Intelligence Security forces or the Human Rebels. It's up to the various players to figure out who works for what group and to try and catch the others. Is that player moving to that space in order to help out and corner the human or are they a spy trying to disrupt your own plans? Only through clever deduction will you be able to find out.

The campaign is more than 4x funded with still 12 days left to go.

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