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Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom Setting Book Up On Kickstarter

Currently, dark fantasy is a pretty popular setting. Games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls (both the electronic versions as well as the tabletop ones) have got people clamoring for more. Well, Embers of the Forgotten Kingdom lets you bring that feel to your RPG games.

The book is a systemless sourcebook for tabletop RPGs. As I've stated many times, there's no such thing as too many resources for a GM to have on-hand. The book gives you insights into the dark fantasy setting, giving you various archetypes for the world, as well as for characters and monsters in order to give your games a much more gritty and deadly edge. However, there is no "crunch" in this book. That's purely left to a couple of adventures they have planned. Those are also part of the Kickstarter campaign, if you're so interested.

The campaign is running now. It's about 1/5 to their goal with still 38 days on the clock.