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Elven Tower Battlefield in a Box released

Elven Tower contentsGale Force 9 have released their Elven Tower terrain set. From their announcement:
Gale Force Nine is pleased to present May's final release in our line of Battlefield in a Box terrain sets, the much-anticipated Elven Tower. Battlefield in a Box is GF9’s fantastic-looking and affordable pre-painted terrain series for miniature wargaming. Each item is pre-painted and ready to go right out of the box; your tabletop battlefield will look great in no time. The sets are also designed so that ambitious modelers can embellish or even repaint the terrain to suit their needs.   Mysterious and beautiful Elven architecture has always been at the center of many great battles; whether it is the elves themselves defending their ancient lands or opposing forces warring to control these inscrutable structures. Elven Towers protect the lands of an ancient race. These elegant bastions are key defensive strong points against constant incursions by marauding forces. But defense is not the only purpose of these graceful spires. Many an Elven Wizard retreats to the sanctuary of these serene structures to further their studies, and in times of peril, these same wizards can turn the secrets of the tower’s magics to their advantage in its defense.
The Elven Tower soars to a height of almost 17 inches above the battlefield. The base of the Tower is 4¼ inches round and the doorway peaks at just under 3 inches high. The balcony is over 6 inches up the length of the tower and over 4½ wide with room enough for waywatchers and other keen eyed elves. The top section adds another 4 inches to the tower and has a 2 inch high doorway over which hangs with an elven crest. The peaked roof caps the tower with another 6½ inches. The four pieces of the tower are stacked on sturdy dowel rods so it can quickly be broken down for transport and storage, then easily assembled for next battle. The tower can also be separated into two playable pieces, a raised platform for elven artillery and a small hut or guard post.   The highly sought-after Elven Tower will be available in the GF9 online store on Friday and should already be in stock at your local game store.  Take possession of this inscrutable tower for only $50 USD. Look for Gale Force Nine Battlefield in a Box terrain pieces in finer hobby and game shops worldwide.   Elven Tower was sculpted by Jason Buyaki.