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Elite: Dangerous Role Playing Game Up On Kickstarter

Man, this might make you feel old. Elite, the space trading game, came out 30 years ago. Well, I guess it's as good a time as any for them to come out with an RPG based on the system. That's where Elite: Dangerous comes in. The campaign to fund it is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Elite: Dangerous is the modern day incarnation of the seminal space trading game Elite. 30 years after the original game reinvented the way people experienced playing computer games, Elite: Dangerous is ‘The spectacular new multi-player instalment in the seminal open world series of space games that started with Elite’.

Simply put, Elite: Dangerous deserves a role playing game. Not only do the two platforms merge seamlessly together but in the case of Elite: Dangerous it has adopted as one of its core principles the idea of the ‘sandbox’ approach to play. This concept of forging your own path, choosing your own destiny is the foundation on which most role playing games are based and is the key to their success.

This Kickstarter campaign aims to fund the production of a Core Manual and four Supplements to allow any fan of the computer game to continue their adventures with friends in the roleplaying setting. Each of the books will be produced professionally using industry designers, writers, editors, printers and artists, to create a true piece of Elite: Dangerous history. There are a number of Stretch Goals available should the funding goal be exceeded.

Speaking of that funding succeeding or not, they're 4/5 or so to their goal with still 26 days left to go.