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Elite Cadre podcast Episode 28 posted

Elite Cadre posted up episode 28 of their podcast online for your listening pleasure.

In this episode:

Well Elite Cadre, the Warmachine and Hordes pocast that doesn't take itself too seriously, miraculously survived the anniversary episode and is trundling on towards the inevitable large cliff/fireball combo that will hopefully happen to Alex before the rest of us.

This episode we discuss a topic provided to us by the be-hatted one, Kev Bryant, "When you go to a tournament do you take caster you want to take or casters you have to take"…it's a bit of a wordy topic and we manage to stay on it just as successfully as ever. No. Really. On top of that we also have Spelling it Out with pVayl and a lot of complaining…also a fairly hefty edit when I realised something had already been ruled on in the rules forum! (Bonus points for those who can guess where it is).