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Elhiem to produce licensed Force on Force figures

Ambush Alley Games have reached an agreement with Elhiem Figures to produce 20mm Force on Force figures. From their announcement:
We hinted that we'd be making an important announcement at Historicon this year and here it is: Ambush Alley Games and Elhiem miniatures have entered into an agreement to produce a line of fine 20mm licensed Force on Force figures! Elhiem Figures and Ambush Alley Games are very excited about this new partnership and look forward to bringing you some exciting new products in the near future! Please understand, though, that this announcement doesn't indicate that we're backing away from our stance on "any scale, any figures" for Force on Force. We're still not a figure company and Force on Force isn't an army list driven game. We don't care what figures are used to play our games. This agreement is just a way to ensure that our upcoming releases are supported by available figures of high quality.