Elhiem January sneak peek

By tgn_admin
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Jan 18th, 2011

Elhiem Figures have posted photos of several 1:72nd scale miniatures they are working on.

From their announcement:

Here are a few photos of my latest casts. They should be released later in the week.

  • Modern US Army
  • British Army in Osprey Armour
  • Sci Fi set
  • Spec Forces/Mercs
  • Sniper in Ghili

More on the workbench including 1982 IDF, more Mercs etc…

  • Space Ghost

    The man is truly an artist…..

    Anyone know how well the new Under Fire Russians scale with Elhiem figs?


  • Enormous Stilton

    Yup, his figures are getting better and better. Very tempted by the modern stuff, especially with the upcoming re-release of Force on Force by Osprey Publishing.