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Elhiem January new releases

Elhiem Figures have announced their January 2011 new releases. From their announcement
New Releases
  • SF02a Dismounted Spec Forces
  • SF03 Operators advancing
  • SF04 Contractors
  • SF05 Snipers in Ghili
New Sci Fi section
  • SIFI01 V2A
  • SIFI02 Hero and Heroine
OSP01 British Fireteam 1 in Osprey Armour IOT01 US Army in IOTV Armour TAL04 Taliban HMG New Israel IDF01 1982 Israeli patrol New Section Africa CONG04 Irregulars ACV01 Civilian TRB01 Tribals in uniform old weapons TRB02 Tribals in civil gear TRB03 Tribals with AK's SGMM fully restocked New SGMM USA Moderns Philipino Guerrillas (RAID section). Uploaded in a couple of days 1950s/60's French Paratroops All figures are 1/72 scale white metal.