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Elhiem Figures to stock Wartime Miniatures

Elhiem Figures will be stocking 20mm figures from Wartime Miniatures. From their announcement:
Elhiem Figures is proud to announce that we will be carrying the 20mm ranges of Wartime Miniatures modern and WW2 figures and models. The stock is on its way over from Australia and with luck should be available from the Elhiem Webstore in a couple of weeks. Wartime figures are compatible with the Elhiem Range of figures and cover some forces not covered and others that can be complemented: IN01 Insurgents with small arms (6) IN02 Insurgents with Support Wpns (6) IN03 Insurgent Leaders/Dickers (4) IN04 Arab/Mid East Insurgents (4) IN05 Insurgent Mortar + Crew (3)
MR01 Russian Command (3) MR02 Russian Fireteam 1 (4) MR03 Russian Fireteam 2 (4) MR04 Russian Support Wpns (5) SF01 SF/Contractors in Baseball Caps (4) SF02 SF/Contractor Leader, Comms (3) SF03 Generic SF contractors with M4's (4) SF04 SF05 SF in Soft Hats (4) SF06 SF Support Weapon Pack SF07 Snipers + Observer in Gilli Suit (3) CAS01 Casualty Markers (4) EOD EOD (3) HELO Generic Helo Door Gun Crew BM01 BushMaster IMV RWS Remote weapon Station CIV01 Female Civilians in Bhurka (3) CIV02 Afghan Trader with Wares CIV03 Afghan Civilians (4) MIL01 Iragi/Afghan Military (5) MA01 Modern Australian Section MA05 Modern Australian MST MA06 Modern Australian Specialists LWB01 British Anti Tank Gun Crew I will let you know when we have the stock in