Elhiem Afghan Irregulars now available

Elhiem Figures have added three packs of 1:72nd scale Afghan Irregulars to their online store.

Afghans skirmishing

From their announcement:

All up on the website: www.elhiemfigures.com and check under Modern Forces: Iraq Afghan

  • TAL01 Contains six figures all crouching or prone. A mix of Ak’s, LMG’s and RPG £3.90
  • TAL02 Contains five figures in advancing poses. A mix of Ak’s and LMG’s £3.25
  • TAL03 Contains five figures firing weapons standing (AK’s, RPK and RPG) and also a leader figure with an AKSU pointing. £3.25

The figures are suitable for all conflicts in Afghanistan from Soviet to the present day.

Also released KIT07 – Small rucksacks at £0.96. With these small ruck sacks you can add to vehicles or to any figures you feel need weighing down.