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Elfball box set on sale

Impact! Miniatures are offering their Elfball game at a discount. From their website:
Assemble a team of up to 12 players selected from a myriad of fantasy races and pit them against your friends in a fantasy rugby styled football game. You manage it all. From how many cheerleaders to hire right down to which direction your player will move. Your team learns and grows with you, so you can coach a set of rookies right into the halls of greatness. Every turn is a challenge and every roll of the dice is a chance for glory. Elfball comes ready to play and takes only minutes to set up. Do you have what it takes to reach the goal? The boxed set contains:
  • Elfball playing field (23.5 inches square)
  • 1 Sheet of cutout players with 12 Red & 12 Blue cutout holders
  • Elfball full colour Rulebook & Quick Reference sheet
  • 1 White Metal Elfball token
  • 6 Elfball challenge dice
  • 1 Green transparent Impact! D6
  • 1 18" Passing string
  • 5 White tracking counters
  • 2 Yellow movement counters
  • 1 Green Velveteen Pouch