Elfball 2nd edition rules announced

Impact! Miniatures have posted details of the Elfball 2nd edition rules.

From their website:

After 2 years of the game being out and now having sponsered tournaments for the game in the UK and USA, we took the opportunity to relook at the rules with some of the most frequent players who post on our forums.

With their help we are updating the rules of Elfball to 2nd edition. All boxed sets shipping from this date will ship with the 2nd edition rules and have posted them for free download (PDF link).

Because we believe in full service to our gaming customers, if you have purchased the game in the last 4 months from this announcement and don’t have the means (or desire) to print up a new rulebook for your boxed set, please email us and we’ll have one printed and shipped to you for free.

In addition, by the end of the month we’ll add an item to our store so you can just purchase a copy of the 2nd edition rulebook at our cost (no profit margin on it). That way if you bought the game before the last 4 months and desire a printed copy similar to the one in the boxed set you have … we can provide you with one with as little expense to you as we can manage.

The 2nd edition rules are easier to play, make the game more active in its playstyle and greatly reduces the learning curve on picking up the rules of the game. In addition we took the time to address all the FAQ items that appeared on our forums over the last 2 years with the rules update. The rules were taken out for a test run at an Elfball tournament last week in the UK and I’ve had very good feedback that the new rules are a big improvement on what was already a fun game.