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Elections of US America Election: The Card Game

Well, the Iowa Caucuses were yesterday. So while the election cycle has basically been running for... oh... what feels like 4 years here in the US, it could be said that they're now officially on. And while the elections are a very serious matter, let's face it that it can also be a bit cartoony. It's pretty easy to satirize them, and that's just what Auroch Digital and Wonkette are doing with Election of US America Election: The Card Game that's up on Kickstarter now.

Getting your candidate into the White House is no easy task, but it is the one set before you. You take on the role of campaign manager for a major candidate in a presidential election. Each of you must leverage your candidate's appeal, while trying to downplay or outright smear your opponent's. Using various means (both couth and uncouth), and building up a winning team of campaign helpers, you need to make sure you secure the votes that will turn your candidate into the most powerful being in the free world.

If you like your politics with a heaping helping of satire, this might just be for you.

The campaign's right about 50% funded with still 23 days left to go in the campaign (as opposed to the actual presidential campaign, which still has months and months... and months...)