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Election Frenzy Card Game Up On Kickstarter

In case you didn't know, the United States is in an election year. Yeah, I know. Shock and surprise. Well, to help put a more... productive spin on things, there are those that take the game of politics and turn it into an actual game. Such is the case with Election Frenzy, a new card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

The game is broken up into two phases. In the first one, you're campaigning, which means you're looking to collect cards from the Popularity, Endorsements, and Media categories in order to bolster your campaign. Then, in Phase 2, things get nasty and the attacks start coming out. In this phase, you're looking to make your opponent lose their scoring cards, or even steal them away. In the end, only one will be elected the Leader of the Free World.

The Kickstarter campaign is just getting underway (while the political campaigns have been going on for seemingly decades at this point). It's got 32 days left to go.