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El Presidente Up Now On Kickstarter

Ah, the quaint tropical paradise that is Savatori. Sand. Sun. A government without a leader.
Err... whoops. Seems the previous El Prsidente has ended up with a bad case of death. But while that may be bad for them, that's potentially good for you, since there's a new job opening up. Do you have what it takes to become the new El Presidente? That's what you gotta do in El Presidente by Space Duck Games. They're up on Kickstarter now.

The game is played during 7 weeks (the actual game doesn't take 7 weeks to play. It's just representative) of political campaigning as you guide your candidate through the election process. You have to be the most popular candidate to get the votes, but there are several ways to go about being the most popular. Sure, you can give all sorts of good things to the people, but you can also blackmail and sabotage the other candidate's campaigns in order to make yourself look better. Recruit agents, hold political events in various locations, and make sure that you are the one at the head of the government after the election.

The campaign is just getting underway. There's still 25 days left on the clock.