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Égaru Idea to Market Card Game Up On Kickstarter

I'd all but guarantee that every one of you out there reading this has at least one idea for a new game or product that they'd like to someday develop and put out in the market. I know I have a couple games I've thought up (ask me about Dice of Fate (working title) sometime). Well, Égaru is a game about how those ideas can actually be put on the market. There's a Kickstarter campaign up and running right now to bring that idea to your tabletop.

The game is designed to teach concepts of intellectual property and entrepreneurship. Yeah, that may not sound that thrilling, but the game is designed to make it so (so you learn while you play). The game has been successfully made in Spain and they're looking to bring it over for an English-speaking audience. The goal of the game is to start out with just a simple idea and, through the various steps, actually bring that idea to the market. If you don't finish a project, you don't score its points at the end.