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Effigy Miniatures updates their Havoc Protocol stretch goals on Kickstarter

Effigy Miniatures has been working on re-tweaking their stretch goals to make them more exciting for backers. Go have a look.

From the update:

I've been hard at work on this update all week and hope everyone is as excited as I am to see how the project has evolved.

First up, the Female Troopers stretch goal has been revised so that now EVERY Havoc Squad comes with them. That means, even if we can only hit the base goal, there will be 6 unique miniatures produced. No dupes! This has also resulted in lowering all the other stretch goals, making them easier to achieve.

Next are the new BETA rewards and stretch goals. These rewards are priced the same as their ALPHA counterparts to give even more bang for your buck if we can reach the higher stretch goals. Please help spread the word so everyone can get ALL the different specialists.