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Eden - Universe & Survival Rules campaign on Indiegogo

Eden started an Indiegogo campaign to fund a new rulebook that's chock-a-block full of background fluff on the universe the game takes place in.

From the campaign:

For 3 years now, the post apocalyptic skirmishes game "Eden" has been played by hundreds of enthusiasts gamers.

From the feedbacks we have got since the beginning, we can proudly say that this tactical, fast and easy gaming system is one of the best skirmishes game around...

However one problem remained : so far we hadn't found the time to gather and formalize the background elements.

We still needed to lay on paper the history of the world that stand beyond the design of this game universe and characters

This problem is almost solved !

The creator of the Eden universe, lead art director and initiator of the project, Mohamed Ait Mehdi, (A.K.A. Mohand on the international miniature gaming scene ) has a great news for those longing to know what is behind this apocalyptic world !

With the help of many talented writers and graphic artists, Mohand brought to life a 150 pages book. You will find inside 100 pages of background and more than 80 illustrations !

You will learn the history of this devastated world, the horrors that led to the apocalypse and how the factions played in the game emerged from the ashes of the civilisation

Beside, the rule section of the book will include :

-clearer writing of the core rule system
-new sceneries management rules
-and a brand new exciting feature : the multi player mode that will allow you to fight with up to 3 other opponents !