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Eden passes another stretch goal on Indiegogo, unlocks Last Stand

Eden, from Taban Miniatures, has passed by another stretch goal over on Indiegogo and has unlocked the Last Stand terrain piece.

From the update:

Congratulations survivor, with your friends you managed to survive your first night out of the vault !

This trial has unlocked a new goodie : "The last Stand".

A new resin scenery element, limited to this Indiegogo campaign !
One of the new features of "EDEN, universe and Survival rules" will developp further the use of seneries and landscape elements as optional rules : you will be able to hide, get cover, climb, set in flames, explode, jump over them etc...

But beware, some of them can be radioactive or even be the den of some fierce creatures !

Don't think that the world of eden is an empty place, with scare bands of survivors.

Many creatures survived and evolved at the surface while the human kind waited underneath...
Some of them now help your fighters as minions or tamed warbeasts, but most of them roam the battlefield and will attack both sides.