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Eden March releases from Taban Miniatures

Taban Miniatures have posted details of their March 2011 releases for the Eden post-apocalyptic skirmish game.

Eden March releases

From their announcement:
Here are the latest EDEN releases.

  • Dhambizao for the Bamaka clan. This herder will use spider swarms to wreck havoc among his opponents

  • Irina for the jokers, uses many trick to reduce her foes potential

  • Sister Alena from the new Matriarchy “Red order” : punchy and violent !

  • And finally Heinrich, who can be fielded either as a seasoned Conveyor, or a dynamic Guardian (blister includes 2 profile cards and a choice of heads and weapons)

Alena and Dhambizao by Gael Goumon, Heinrich by Mohand and Irina by Steve Party