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Eden January releases

Taban Miniatures have announced their January 2011 releases.

Eden January 2011 releases

From their announcement:
4 New fighters for the post-apo skirmishes game EDEN this month

Mark, seasoned scout of the "convoy Faction".
Able to lay traps, foresee its foes tactical cards and help his mates through the wasteland
5 parts, 26mm top of head (crouching).

Blue Ashigaru
A defence ISC drone, that will double any dodge rolls for the allied in the vicinity, and that will be able to counter strike for free when it manages to dodge a foe
4 parts 36mm top of hat

A huge mutant fighter of the matriarchy who will get many rage markers and crush his foes with ease
4 parts 45mm top of head

Ngozi winded breath
Very fast unit and quite decent fighter... will be at his best against animals and NPF...
6 parts 35mm top of head

All models are sculpted and painted by Mohand, but the Ashigaru master, sculpted by S. N'Guyen