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Eden February releases

Taban Miniatures' February releases for their game Eden:

From their post:

Here are our new EDEN releases !

5 new fighters… 5 because we change our cruise speed this year :

You will get a 5 miniatures wave every 6-7 weeks instead of 4 new releases per month. Slight slowdown to give us enought time to design and sculpt ever more balanced and exciting models. And to allow our players to paint and test their models (so far the Eden range offers 120+ models !)

… In between we won’t spare our efforts and investment, with new product ranges and references upcoming from Taban Miniatures… stay tuned for more news.

Shinigami : sculpt by Mohand – Chelsea : sculpt by Gael Goumon – Boris : sculpt by Valentin Zak – Ingrid : sculpt by Juan Navarro Perrez – Martyr Man : sculpt by Gautier Giroud