Eden April releases and Salute 2010 details

Taban Miniatures have news of several new releases which will be available for sale at Salute 2010.


From their announcement:

Taban Miniatures releases 4 new models in April for its game Eden.

They will be available, along with all the other Eden’s references (including the limited edition Paladine) at Salute 2010 with a special discount for the visitors (pre-orders are opened on the company online shop).

  • An old witch for the Bamakas : Jumamosi Evil Eye
  • An agile Inquisitor for the Matriarchy : Sister Kandjara
  • A delicate mutant clown for the Jokers gang : Yorg
  • and last but not least, a monster for the ISC : the Carmin Hadakauma, 9 cm tall and 8cm long

All models by “Mohand” Ait Mehdi, with the exception of Kandjara, from Stéphane N’ Guyen

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