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Ebbles Miniatures release UD-41 Dropship

Ebbles Miniatures release UD-41 Dropship

Ebbles Miniatures have released a new paper sci-fi vehicle kit, the UD-41 Dropship.

From their announcement:

It’s finally here and officially released, after a couple months of craziness. This is an intensive rework of the original UD-41 dropship from 2005, with many improvements and vastly improved texture work. Notable Updates

  • Much larger size (you need 2 hands to pick it up)
  • Opening/closing rear ramp and functional cargo bay
  • Vectoring engine pods
  • Modular, hot-swappable weapon pods
  • 10 pages of payload items to dress your cargo bay interior
  • PDF layers. You can choose from 4 different sets of markings and nose art decals

This is a 36 page PDF card model, plus there are 10 extra pages of payload items that can be downloaded free of charge (PDF link)

The model’s size is designed to be compatible with 28mm figures, and it is priced at $16.00 USD. More photos:

I’d like to thank all of the Ebbles beta testers for going the extra mile to help get this model ready for release.