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"Eat Hitler - The Nazi Taste Treat" available from Pulp Action Library

Pulp Action Library has a rather interesting offering available over on Wargame Vault. Eat Hitler, the game where you're a dinosaur looking to nosh some Nazis.

From the release:

New from Pulp Action Library:

Berlin 1945: When Hitler and his cronies use a time machine to evade the final Soviet attack, things go from bad to ---- something else! In a Jurassic landscape, each player portrays a dinosaur intent on snacking on these yummy jackbooted appetizers. Your aim is to gain points by chomping down Nazis – and some are worth more than others – then move the surviving Aryan supermen so that other players have a hard time reaching them. Move a brontosaurus as an obstacle, or have a stegosaurus thwack at passing leaders of the Third Reich with his tail! Cheesy

It's an hour of wacky anti-fascist fun. Bring your own plastic dinosaurs, tiny Nazis, dice and sense of humour. PDF, six of those American dollars is all.