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Earth Encounters: The Journey to Save Earth Board Game on Kickstarter

Earth Encounters: The Journey to Save Earth is a new board game up on Kickstarter looking for some funding love. The game encourages deep discussion about the major problems facing the world today. You and your group must brainstorm ideas, thinking about what could help save the world from such things as Education, Disaster Preparedness, Government & Civics, Environment vs. Economics, and many more.
The campaign still has 27 days left to go.

From the campaign:

Many revolutionary ideas in human history began as a simple conversation. Discussions where thoughts and opinions were shared and ideas emerged led to world-altering discoveries. Albert Einstein was known for spending endless hours simply thinking about ideas and then talking about them with friends and colleagues. He hosted gatherings where lively discussions led to new theories about life and how the universe works.

The game starts with the Timeship Encounter. An alien creature escaped the timeship and is hiding somewhere in the Eastern Time Zone. Encounter launches an elite team to recapture the alien creature. Players travel across the U.S. and the seven continents, competing to be the first to locate and capture the powerful yet invisible alien before it awakens and consumes all the knowledge possessed by Earth’s inhabitants. Throughout this adventure, each player learns about the states and continents as they collect as many states and continent deeds as possible – they’ll be needed when you come face-to-face with the alien creature.

Each player can only advance by correctly answering a question from the Q&A Deck or successfully completing a thought experiment from the Challenge Deck. In doing so, if they are the first to land on that particular state or continent, they are awarded a State Deed of Trust. That means the state or continent is now under the players protection from the alien.