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Eagle-Gryphon Games Launches Morocco Kickstarter

In the markets of Morocco, you can find just about anything for sale. In particular, the marketplace of Jemaa el-Fnaa, in Marrakech, can you get the mundane (such as food or rugs), but also exotic (such as magic or watch a snake charmer). But the markets are busy places and today even more so, as the Moroccan Tumblers are visiting. There's only so many places for vendors to set up their booths, and some spots are better than others. You and the other vendors must fight it out for the best retail locations.

That's the story behind Morocco, a new board game by Eagle-Gryphon Games that's up on Kickstarter now. Players are looking to set up their stalls of snake charmers, water sellers, rug merchants, magicians, or food sellers in the best spots in the marketplace. The crowds are drawn to certain areas, so those spots are more likely to get business. So you must haggle, bribe, and fight your way into the best spots. However, if things get too rowdy, there might be a stampede and heaven help you if you get caught in one of those.

The game's on Kickstarter now. The campaign's pretty short. It just launched and is only set to go for another 16 days.