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Eagle Gryphon Games Launches Chariot Race Kickstarter

In the days of Ancient Rome, spectators would flock to the Circus Maximus in order to witness chariot races. Basically, it was the NASCAR of the day. You went fast. You turned left. And you could get rich doing it, too. One of history's wealthiest athletes was a charioteer. Soon, you'll be able to get a cut of that for yourself. That is, if you're fast enough. Eagle Gryphon Games has launched a Kickstarter campaignf or Chariot Race.


Now, they do admit that the game's already in production. They're co-producing the game with Pegasus Spiele. Pegasus will be distributing the game in Europe while Eagle Gryphon (all sorts of mythical creatures here, y'know?) will be distributing it in North America. That does mean, though, that the game will be here in the US by the end of next month and hopefully shipped out and to you by the holidays. So there's not the expected year+ that a lot of Kickstarter campaigns have on delivery.

The campaign is running now. It's set to go for another 17 days.