E-Z Dungeons: Expansion Set 4 released

Fat Dragon Games have released E-Z Dungeons: Expansion Set 4.

Expansion 4

From their announcement:

Hey GMs, got a problem PC giving you fits? Well your problems are over, Fat Dragon Games has a torture room for your game. This set is completely decked out with all kinds of devices to eliminate that pesky character, from racks and iron maidens to guillotines and cages. We also give you the ability to customize the model textures before printing with stains, blood splatters, skeletons and more. This model set includes:

  • Guillotine
  • Rack
  • Iron Maiden
  • Large Cage
  • Small Cage
  • Judas Cradle
  • Table with Torture Devices
  • Floor Pit with iron Doors
  • Brazier with Fire
  • Brazier Unlit
  • New Square Dungeon Doors (2 styles)
  • New floor tile with texture options
  • New 4″ wall design