e-figures Dystopian Wars pre-orders

By tgn_admin
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Jan 18th, 2011

e-figures.com is accepting pre-orders for the next set of Dystopian Wars releases from Spartan Games. These will be fighter and bomber figures and tokens for the first four factions in the game.

  • n815e

    It’s bad when the company that makes the games displays gamer ADD.
    Can’t make fighters for one game but start the next game off with fighters.
    Reminds me of Mongoose.

  • keltheos

    Aren’t the fighters essentially 1″ square chits with resin on them? 😉 I can make those with a piece of construction paper and scissors. Don’t need to wait for the company to do it.

    That said, I’m glad they made them for the only Spartan Games game I play. Now, finish the fleet releases up before moving on to the land stuff…