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Dystopian Wars release update

Neil from Spartan Games has posted an update on their planned release schedule for the Dystopian Wars game. From their website:
When we first defined the 8 nations for the game the list was as follows: Wave 1 – Book 1
  • Kingdom of Britannia
  • Prussian Empire
  • Empire of the Blazing Sun
  • Federated States of America (FSA)
The second set of nation releases were defined as: Wave 2 – Book 2
  • Covenant of Antarctica
  • Russian Coalition
  • Ottoman Empire
  • League of Italian States
Mixed into this is what we call the Alliance Nations, into which we have the following nations:
  • Republic of France
  • Chinese Federation
  • Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  • Arabian Republic of Egypt
  • Socialist Union of South America
  • As we kept developing the back story and models for the game, looking ahead to when the next sets of nations come out, we also evaluated the roles of several nations in the game. One that we decided required a change in status was France, so it changed from being an Alliance nation to a full boxed nation. This also fitted in with our plans to alter the release schedule for the Covenant of Antarctica. We’ve been slow at rolling out information to you all this year, so my apologies for that, but the wave of support for Dystopian Wars has kept us all very busy here. Now that we’ve found our feet we’ll hopefully be articulating our plans to you all in a better way. As to the French Battleship, well its technology is some of the more advanced in use in Dystopian Wars, albeit stolen from the Covenant by the misguided Markov. As you can see from many of the models in the game the idea of lightweight alloys that allow giant machines of war to fly or hover is commonplace. Just look at the John Henry Robot or Prussian Sky Imperium Fortress. The French Battleship brings the concept of anti-gravity motion to the world, the model being more of a skimmer than a flying ship as such – it also floats and uses the anti-gravity modules for manoeuvring. More flying models will follow and more exciting technologies to hopefully amuse you and make your game play enjoyable.