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Dystopian Wars interview

Triple Helix Wargames have posted a video interview with Neil Fawcett from Spartan Games. From their announcement:
Triple Helix Wargames does an interview with Neil from Spartan Games on Spartan's new Dystopian Wars gaming system. In the video Neil explains where the idea for the system and models came from and the mechanics behind the game. We are great fans of the game here at Triple Helix and have done 3 further videos showing the game being played so you can get a feel for the rules and mechanics. We are also holding the first UK tournament in Dystopian Wars on Saturday 19th March. Ticket price is £15, includes free tea and coffee all day and lunch. You will need an 800 point fleet and will play 3 games over 1 day. Tickets can be bought in-store or on-line, but this is sure to be popular so I would get your tickets early.