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Dystopian Wars Character contest and Spartan Games are offering one lucky Dystopian Wars shopper at GenCon 2011 the opportunity to become a character in the game. From their website:
Spartan Games is offering one lucky gamer a prize that money can’t buy, only at GenCon 2011 – your likeness turned into a Dystopian Wars character, complete with mini biography. Find a resin Queen Victoria figure inside your Dystopian Wars fleet box and notify a Warstore staff member to claim your prize. One Dystopian Wars fleet box in TheWarStore GenCon booth will contain Queen Victoria. Find her Royal Highness and bring her to our attention. We will then get you the necessary contact information to email in the photograph for conversion to a Dystopian Wars character in your likeness. You do not have to choose your image, if you would prefer to use a family member or significant other. The GenCon 2011 exclusive Queen Victoria model is also yours to keep. Good luck to all.