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Dwarven Forge reaches for $400k stretch goal

Dwarven Forge continues to rise over on Kickstarter. They've made it through 6 stretch goals and are now looking to add diagonal walls and tiles free to everyone's order as a stretch goal. They've also got a painting tutorial up, showing how the new pieces take paint.

From the update:

It has been an amazing five days! We started on Monday morning with a lot of nervousness, but we were hopeful that the gaming community would support our cause. Stefan and I were completely surprised and elated when we hit our $50,000 funding level in three hours, and we are overwhelmed that now we stand at over $336,000!

Thank you so much!

This week we have smashed through SIX Stretch Goals which included a bunch of FREE Game Tiles pieces. Our current Stretch Goal takes the form of a completely new piece -- two FREE Diagonal Walls when we hit $400,000 in funding.