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Dwarven Forge Kickstarter blows past $1,000,0000

Dwarven Forge is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new City Buildings terrain pieces. So now, instead of just various hallways and caverns and such that you're used to getting from them, they have full buildings of all shapes and sizes, from little huts to tall inns to castle towers. Of course, it wouldn't bet Dwarven Forge without a few hallways and so forth. As such, they've got their sewers terrain pieces as well.

From the campaign:

The City Builder System we’re introducing here is a long-standing Dwarven Forge dream. More than a decade ago, our founder, Stefan Pokorny set out to create a modular city terrain system inspired by the detailed maps he’d drawn depicting Valoria, the capital of his world of Mythras. But after months of testing prototypes, our plans were thwarted by real world concerns: the city was too costly to tool and too complicated to produce. We just weren’t ready for something so ambitious. But now, we are!

Our City Builder System starts with some amazing modular buildings. These form your Main Pledge. But as Stretch Goals and Add-On sets unlock, you’ll be able to fill your city with an incredible variety of multi-level structures, alleyways, open air markets – even an underground sewer system! In fact, we sculpted all the product featured in the Kickstarter video – including the figurines – exclusively for this campaign. We’ve got beautifully sculpted pieces for walls, floors, roofs, doors, streets, sidewalks, stairs, townspeople, underground ratmen, and much, much more! (And everything is compatible with previous Dwarven Forge terrain.)