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Dwarf King's Hold: Game bundle details

Mantic Games have posted details of the contents of the Dwarf King's Hold: Game bundle.

Dwarf King's Hold

From their announcement:
The Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace game is being released from the warehouse and onto the shelves of your local retailer in less than two weeks.

The game will blow you away with it’s simple mechanics and tactical gameplay, not to mention the large pack of really cool tiles and fantastically detailed miniatures. Make sure you check out our Dwarf King’s Hold game bundle, where you can get Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising, Green Menace, a limited edition Dwarf Driller figures and a bundle-exclusive scenario.

This scenario is the first time the Dwarfs get to fight against the Orcs, and includes rules for using the Dwarf Driller figure, so it really is something unique and different – and only available in the Dwarf King’s Hold bundle.

Get yours now and be the first to get the free goodies, and check back tomorrow for more.

Update: Mantic have now posted a bundle for people who have purchased the first Dwarf King's Hold game.