Dust Warfare Adepticon Debriefing

Dust Devils has posted up their after-action report from Adepticon.


From the report:

With 2014 Dust World Expo in the books. We were right back at it with an intense follow-up event, the inaugural Dust Devils Adepticon 2014 Tournament. It was a great showing for the first time Dust has entered the halls of Adepticon since Mack Martin introduced the world to Warfare two years ago. The tournament and demos were a success. Our players, tables, and miniatures drew lots of attention and Adepticon Staff invited us back for next year with a promise of more player and promotional space. As always I want to thank my partners Tablewar for the great prize support and amazing new Frontline mats they allowed us to roll dice on. Also, many thanks to Battlefront for providing us prize support and dedicated space throughout the weekend.