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Dust USA Posts Gen Con Releases

WWII continues on. Each side is looking to find that one advantage that will finally bring the conflict to an end. However, a new faction is joining the fray. The Popular Liberation Army out of China is hitting the battlefield. This is certainly a new thing that commanders of the other forces will have to take into account.
At least, that's what's going on in the world of Dust. They're giving us a look at what new releases they are going to have at Gen Con.

From the announcement:

Dust USA is premiering several new items during GenCon on booth 3053.

- Operation Kondor is our brand new Campaign book, that tells the story of the Luftwaffe in the sands of Babylon. Inside you will find short stories by Andy Chambers, the history of the Operation Kondor, new platoons for the Luftwaffe, the rules for all the faction, new scenarios and the advanced rules for free-form play along with additional tokens, templates and a double sided poster !

- The Desert Scorpion Transport/Command/Gun Truck is the first vehicle with the new boxes and the new packaging of three game references in one box. You will find all the parts to make three different profiles on the same chassis, including additional troops. This new packaging allows us to reduce the SKUs and the space taken in your shop while maintaining gameplay variety and reasonable pricing.

- The new Popular Liberation Army Starter Set is not only the introduction of a new faction for the SSU or the first Starter Set in the new box. It’s also the introduction of a new type of Hero : This is the first Starter Set with two heroes in it. They can be played separately or together in a unit of two, boosting their characteristics as they do so. In both case, they can still join another unit of the same armor value and make a 7 people strong unit.

- Commissar Poon is a hero of the Chinese Army that acts as the first Armor 1 Commissar, allowing you to play him right away with the new Starter Set. Adding even more capabilities and health points to your unit. With The Duo of the Dragon and the Phoenix, it’s now a unit of 8 miniatures that move together on the battlefield and can take anything that dares to face them !

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