Dust Tactics Skirmish at Gen Con Indy

Alderac Entertainment Group will be running Dust Tactics games at Gen Con Indy and you could win a set of painted Dust Tactics miniatures. Event times and numbers can be found on the Dust Tactics website.

From their announcement:

You can be among the first to try Dust Tactics and take home prizes at Gen Con Indy this year.  The Dust Tactics Gen Con Skirmish will have players take up arms against one another, learn Dust Tactics, win special figures, and possibly even one of the Deluxe Pre-Painted sets of Dust Tactics.  Spots for the event are filling up, so sign up today.

Dust Tactics is the new WWII area skirmish game set in the world of Dust, from Dust Studios and AEG.  Dust Tactics features beautifully sculpted troops and walkers, in one of two base-coat colors, ready to play right away or custom paint.  With reversible tile boards, the options for scenarios are near endless. Dust Tactics releases this fall.  Visit www.dust-tactics.com for more info.

From: Dust Tactics High Command
To: All Field Troops

This is your chance to be among the first to play the new tactical miniatures boardgame, Dust Tactics, at Gen Con Indianapolis 2010. All day Thursday through Saturday, Alderac Entertainment Group and Dust Studios will be hosting the “Dust Tactics Gen Con Skirmish.” Every two hours groups of 4 players will learn the game and receive a free Dust Tactics figure and exclusive decals for your robots, not available in the box.

The players of the bloc (Allies or Axis) that wins the most total games Thursday through Saturday will also receive an additional promo robot on Sunday. Not only that but every player will be entered in a drawing to win a pre-painted set of Dust Tactics, one drawn out of the pool of Allied players, one drawn from the pool of Axis players. Don’t miss out.