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Dust Tactics Operation Babylon saga continues

Regular readers may be aware of the continuing saga around the Dust Tactics Operation Babylon Kickstarter - (you can catch up here).  What little glimmer of hope there was of resolving the matter amicably appears to have evaporated with this recent post by Dust Studio claiming legal action has commenced.

A message from Mr. William Yau, Dust Studio CEO.

As you are all aware of one of the backers, a professional mediator approached us recently to help us find a solution on the ongoing issue with Battlefront and the Babylon Kickstarter. We would like to take this opportunity to thank this person for his kind offer, but we must pass on it.

Mediation has been given a try already, Dust Studio offered a significant discount on the « freebies » and BF chose not to take this opportunity : they answered that they already paid US$401,000 (mixing up the payment for Babylon « wave 1 » and the overdue payment to the Factoring Bank) and would not pay DS any additional amount, which meant the end of any possible agreement.

The dispute is in the hands of our attorneys since last November and two official documents were sent to Battlefront on November 14th and January 15th respectively - Dust Studio has attempted several times to resolve the issue before taking legal action.

As you know, the disagreement is mainly on the freebies‘ handling: the contract stated very clearly that Dust Studio agreed to offer three Character Figurines for free and nothing more.
We cannot accept that BF is holding the whole wave 2 production order and payment in order to force DS to absorb the cost for all the freebies, instead of the three that were agreed upon.

Since then, BF is making false statements and refuses to agree on a solution for wave 2. BF used KS money to pay old debts and only paid Dust Studio US$140, 000 for Babylon wave 1.

Given that the answers from BF were first to refuse to pay for the freebies, then to refuse to pay for the whole wave 2, Dust Studio has decided with its attorneys that legal action was the only way to eventually resolve the dispute and will follow this path of action from now on.

Source - Facebook