Dust Tactics Core Set unboxing

By tgn_admin
In Board Games
Aug 19th, 2011

German gaming site Brueckenkopf Online have posted an unboxing of the Dust Tactics Core Set with almost 50 photos showing all the contents of the set.

  • Manchurian

    As always with the Brueckenkopf reviews, nice pictures and a biased (pro GW) text. A pity.

    • I didn´t see anything “pro GW” excecpt for the – pretty factual – statement that the price of the starter box is even higher than GW´s – and that this might hinder a bigger success.

      I totally agree with that assessment.

      • -DE-

        It depends on the region, in the US both are priced at 100$. In Poland they cost the same too.

        The difference is with 40K/WFB you get a starter package that does not contain enough pieces to play the game and you also need to invest in codices/army books, meaning you end up paying a lot more just to play the minimum points game than with DT. Dust Tactics Core Set is a board game that is playable straight out of the box and the forces included are balanced to boot (unlike HE vs Skaven and SM vs Orks). Apart from the miniatures, whose number and quality I’d say are comparable to AoBR’s, you also get tiles and some scenery pieces (tank traps, ammo boxes). IMO DT Core Set is a much better deal even if you disregard the rules themselves and consider the minis only.

        Unfortunately the new Core Set is going to get you a bit less bang for the buck.

        • Veritas

          The price of the new set IS dropped a decent amount to reflect the loss of one mech per side.

          • -DE-

            Yes, it is lower, but you also lose the tiles (available separately) and some scenery pieces. It IS worse value (add 2 mechs to 80$ and it’s 130$ and you’re still missing the things I listed compared to the original Core Set), but not by much, and you still get lots of minis for 80$.