Dust Tactics Axis previews

Fantasy Flight Games have posted a new preview of the upcoming Dust Tactics game focusing on the Axis forces.

From their website:

Welcome back for another foray into the world of Dust Tactics, the tactical miniatures board game that returns to the year 1947, only to find it irrevocably changed by the presence of extraterrestrial technology. In this alternate history, the Axis’ surprise discovery of an alien crash site deep in the frozen antarctic wastes has introduced powerful weaponry to the world. Now the balance of power across the globe is shifting. Which side will you choose in this battle that will decide the fate of all humanity?

Last week we began our introduction to the Dust Tactics core set with a look at the primary forces under Allied command. Today we complete our introduction to the basic units of the game with a review of Axis squads and walkers. As with the initial article, click any of the unit cards pictured to examine their weapon lines more closely.