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Paolo Parente's Dust 1947 To Be At GAMA Trade Show With Ninja Division

With the strong, desert winds, Las Vegas can be a rather dusty place. Well, next week at the GAMA Trade Show, it's going to be just a little bit more dusty. That's because Dust is going to be there, partnered up with Ninja Division. This is the start of a new beginning for the world of Dust.

The new brand for the game will be Paolo Parente's Dust 1947. They admit that it's been a rocky couple of years, but this new beginning is looking to be the start of something great. At the show, Paolo Parente's Dust 1947 will be showing off new products. There's new books. There's new models. There's new accessories. There's a little bit of everything. Distributors and retailers are welcome to stop by and see all the great things in store for this unique strategy game.

GAMA will be held from Monday, March 14th to Friday the 18th at Bally's in Las Vegas.

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