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Dust Studios Releases Dust Tactics Regular Edition

Dust Studios announce that they now have the whole Dust Tactics range available on their website, both in Premium Edition and now in regular monochrome edition as well:

From their announcement:

Released last year at GenCon Indy, Dust Tactics has now followers all around the world. The fast paced game with astounding miniatures in an original alternative WW2 setting is now played on all continents! For some of you who have trouble finding our products, we have expanded our web-store to make everything available online.

From you can now order everything Dust Tactics, plus all the amazing model kits from our Deluxe Edition range! Please remember that the latest now have proper unit cards furnished with each model.

Our web store now offers free shipping worldwide for any order over 250 US$, as well as free shipping for every new item ordered before the end of the month it was released in.

Anywhere you are in the world, if you're interested in Dust Tactics and its products, go to!

Happy gaming,

Dust Studio Team